I graduated May 16-08 with TWO Applied Science Degrees. One in Accounting Technology and one in Business Office Technology. Matthew was my Graduation Inspiration. Any time I thought of quitting or noot going back the next semester I would remember I was doing this for Me but mostly for him. God gave me a perfectly formed brain and I need to fill it up and learn everything I can, while I still can. I started this week working on a Bachelors Degree through the University of Phoenix Online. Business Information Systems with emphasis in Networking and Communications. After I get this degree, I will hopefully get a job in TN making enough money to pay a good nurse for Matthew and so I can finally have insurance and put back for retirement. I'm going to owe a lot in student loans but it will be worth it. It's not like Im the first person in the world that went into debt to get a degree so why not? Life it too short to sit around holding your hand out, waiting for something great to fall into your hands. I've learned it aint so in my case. If I want something, I have to run after it! Matthew has a lot to do with that attitude too!

No Matter What You'll Never Do

One fall night while Singing at a church outside of town
We'd sang the last song of the night so decided to sit down
Next to me sat this man, you could tell was up in years
In his lap, a blonde haired, blue eyed boy, he must has been 16 years

I knew he was a "special" boy you could see the handicap
He daddy kissed him on his head and had held his hands to help him clap
He saw me as I was staring, my face must have turned real red
I heard him whisper in the little boys ears, and this is what he said.

No matter how big you get or how tall you grow to be
I'll still hold you in my arms and let you sleep right next to me
No matter how tired my arms get, This one promise will stay true
You'll always be my baby boy
No matter what you'll never do.

I held my new grandson a few months later on a february day
ten little fingers, ten little toes, he was perfect in every way
But soon we'd hear the news, we had a "special" little boy
The families cried and prayed every single day and tried to hang on to their joy
They said that he may never walk or never even crawl
But the only thing that I could hear was what that daddy said last fall

Repeat Chorus


Gods sends Angels to help us a long the way, If we'll just listen to our hearts we can hear our Father say:

Final Chorus
No matter how big you get
or how tall you grow to be
I'll still hold you in my arms
And in your valley's I will be
My arms were always been open
And My promise still rings true
You'll always be my children
Don't matter what you'll never do.

Repeat Chorus

Were Back!!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted to the site. I guess I got off track. I found more important things I wanted to do. Since I last posted here, I have gotten two Associates of Applied Science degrees! I am working on my bachelors now. Matthew is 6 years old and doing just great. I can't even remember the last seizure he had. Probably six months ago.

So many things have happened. I have updates on my myspace page that I have been using. I wanted to come back to his old site and keep it going. I started this right after we got his diagnosis so I am going to keep it going... hopefully I wont get off track again...

Since I last posted, my son has been to Iraq twice and has safely returned home without a scratch. He is stationed at Camp Lejeune. He also got married last year before his second deployment to a girl he's known all his life but never even dated until he got home the first time.

Matthew is about about 3 1/3 feet tall. Weighs 52 lbs. He is beautiful. He's still not talking, walking or crawling but is adjusting fine to the world around him. He is in first grade and loves school. He doesn't go everyday but almost!

I was a grandma again on July 4th 2007 to Makenna Fay, Matthew's mom had another baby. She is SO smart it is scary!!! I am not kidding. She lives in TN so I don't get to see her that much. She loves Matthew. That's her in the picture. They are napping together.

I lost 50 lbs!!! I quit smoking,, been over a year now. I can JOG AND RUN! It feels great! I am currently looking for a job. Since Matthew's in school, I thought I would try to get a job.
Well, that's all for now. I don't want to burn myself out the first time I get back on! OH YEA,, I would have been on a lot sooner but I lost my sign on ID AND Password!.. The service changed owners and couldn't find it for me but they finally sent it to me today.!