I have decided to keep blogspot and continue updated it since I am able to link to my new web page. Here's what happened since the last time I posted.
This picture was taken Easter 2009. As you can tell, Matthew is still here and doing great. Almost seizure free. However he is having trouble with his right hip again and we may be looking at another surgery soon. His appointment is May the 12th. I am really dreading this sugery.

Matthew turned 7 years old in February. And look how we all acted at his diagnosis! We thought he was dying then and the things we read said he might live two years. That's the reason I have started my new website. I don't want people to be naive and thing everything they read on the internet is true because its not!

My youngest son Korey (matthew is my grandson, but my baby)
Got married on April 25 to Larae Gardner. They will be parents around Decemember 1st. The wedding turned out beautiful as you can see from the pictures! This will be grandchild number three!

My second grandchild Makenna will turn 2 on July 4th 2009. Little Ms Independence.
Hey I just turned 44 so I am not an OLD Grandma. Don't believe me? Meet me at the military park and see who wins the 2.7 mile hike? I only just broke my record at 24 minutes. (This is mostly hills so its not a flat run.) Come on, shoot me an email. lol

Here's a cute video of the new kitten I've
been raising. I found him under the house. He was skin and bones. He's not anymore.. Anyone want a kitty? Look how sweet he is.. NOT