Happy Easter! We are blessed once again to celebrate a 5th Easter with our little odyssey, Matthew!
In Loving Memory
Madison Paige Taylor
To my Mommy Lori ......

My time with you was much too short. I had to leave too soon,I wove my way withinyour hearts,and in all your hopes and dreams,until the very purest love became my tiny wings.Although I could not stay with you, I knew right from the start,That once you felt this Angels love, you'd keep me forever in your hearts.Im just a little Angel now, but my time was not in vain.As the dark clouds that surround you will give way unto the sun,My precious mommy, you will see that very soon again your heart will sing,If only for the moment it was brushed by my Angel Wings. Lori, I thought this song was "fit" just for you. Madison was everything she could be just because you loved her so much. Still, Madison was a Miracle..all because of your love
.Charlotte and Matthew>
Shadow, matthew's dog was following us around with several other little dogs while we were riding matthew. I put Shadow on and to my surprise, he stayed on. Shadow is a stray dog my s son brought home. She's part something and part Yorki. He looks like Toto on Wizard of Oz. We call him shadow because everywhere Matthew and I go, including to the bathroom, he's right there with us.

Meet Penny.
We picked her up yesterday. Matthew was able to ride her today. She was rambunctous at first but we used Matthew's cousins as "guinea pigs" before we put him on. Ha. No problem. She did really good and was really gentle. I was going to post that he had NO sieuzres today but he just had one a few minutes ago but it was not nearly as bad and it was only ONE. Wonder if there is a connection? Matthew's had 3 or 4 siezures a day for the past six months and only one today! Penny is 4 years old. Believe or not, we purchased her at a garage sale! We actually made the deal to buy her two weeks ago, so we had time to think about it. I think we made a good investment. Matthew is happy when he's on her and it's good exersize for me because Matthew likes to go fast and of course, I'm right there with him, holding him on the horse running and breathing hard. ha.
I'm going to bed early because of daylight savings time. I don't do well missing an hours sleep!!!