Here's a video I made late one night. I have been worried every since the day my son left for Iraq. I picked up my bible and here's what I found. I didn't know worrying was a sin? It can be. It shows you don't have faith in God. I knew I should have faith in God but It's hard not to worry but I am trying really hard. I took two of my sons favorite songs and put them in a montage. The M&M song is the song that plays on my cellphone when he calls. I miss that ringtone so much!
PS Matthew is doing GREAT.

Can a child be “born” a US Marine? Yes, they can.

I put this together to share with my son,, any my Marine Mom Friends.

I raised him alone until he was 8 years old and he’d been through a lot but I never had one ounce of trouble with him. He has always been “one of few”. It’s strange how when I look back how these qualities were “born” into him. I certainly don’t think I instilled these in him, because I wasn’t that great of a mother.. I worked ALL the time and wasn’t there for him that much. But he was a little soldier even before he could walk.. .
I’m bragging on him but I have others children that are completely opposite and in between. lol

It’s like I had no control over his future. God already had it planned out for him.
I can remember us not having enough money for a new bike but he found an old bike that had no back wheel on it. (He was three) He would push that bike around and around the yard and would stop every 5 minutes to pull the grass out of the back part of the bike. Finally when I was able to get him a bike, it was used and had no training wheels. He was riding that bike within 15 minutes, no training wheels, age three. Lol By the next month, he was riding his sisters old 10 speed bike, his feet barely touched the pedals.. That was a funny sight. He never ever cried when getting shots, even as a newborn,, he face would just turn really red and that was it. Lol He would carry his younger brothers huge diaper bag up two flights of stairs to our apartment at 3 and 4 am after I had gotten off work.. because he insisted, half asleep, to carry them for me. Lol I’m just thinking about him, NOT worrying because I really know that God has a plan and he’s working it out now. I just needed to take a look back and review his childhood to see it. I am so proud of him and have always been.

Born a Marine.

It’s two am and no ones here to see, as I cling to a picture of a man very precious to me.
Radiant eyes of blue and hair of gold, the same serious smile since he was two years old.
Even then I knew his future would be grand, he would be one of few, not just any young man.
I was shown honor and respect, when he was only age three, because he’d always insist on carrying everything for his little brother and me.
He showed courage by never crying when had to get his shots, for a small child, that really says a lot.
He was determined and committed at only age three he’d taught himself to ride a bike without any help from me.

Now if I'd just paid more attention, I'm sure I would have seen, that my little boy Josh, was born A United States Marine….

Charlotte K