I had fun making it. I am hooked on windows movie maker! I gotta go to bed! I'm still waiting for the video to load so I can put it on here!!!!! I'll also put a link to it in the links section.
Good Night!

I finally got a new computer and am able to work and update matthew's website. We had a great time in South Carolina and in Tennessee. Josh's platton made Honor platoon. Right now he is in School of Infantry in North Carolina at Camp Geiger. He gets to come home for 6 day during Christmas but not sure about Thanksgiving considering he actually just got picked up to start SOI school today. He was there almost two weeks waiting to get in. I guess everybody wants to be a Jar Head and now that we have our own Jar Head, I know why. It's not easy and it takes Honor, Courage and Commitment and he has all of it.

Matthew is doing great. Only has seizure whenever he falls asleep. Maybe two a day . He gaining weight again. That vacation was a much needed one. We have not been ANYWHERE in three years, except for maybe a weekend getaway. I realized when I was watching the videos that we sure had a lot more fun that what I thought I did. I also realized that you couldn't pay me a million dollars to be doing anything else at this time in our lives. It's rough sometimes and we just barely get by but God always makes a way for us, like he did when we went on our vacation.

Yes, I am doing what I was put here for.. Are you?

Josh Graduated USMC Oct. 7, 2005! It was an experience We'll never forget. I have videos of the graduation. We decided to make a vacation out of the trip to South Carolina. Matthew got to dip his toes on the beach of the atlantic Ocean. He had a wonderful time! Those memories we had there are PRICELESS as you will see by the video! I also have other videos there. We went to the tip top of a Mountain in TN called "Almost Heaven". And we took him to The Aquarium in Gatlinburg. He had a great time. You can find that videos here:
Click on the Title above to get to the video of Matthew in the Atlantic. Then you'll see the other videos I have made on the same site.

It was the best vacation we had ever taken. WE all split the price of a vacation house on Hilton HEad Island and got lucky. When we got there the house we rented was under construction. They gave us a beautiful home (750,000 two story condo) to stay in. I didn't want to leave!!!

Matthew siezure are tolerable now. Only one or two a day and only when he starts to fall asleep. We decided not to up the meds because they would only knock him out and he is very alert and happy and we like him that way. He got a clean bill of health from the neurologist.

Well please make sure you comment on my videos when you get too them so I'll know you visited them. I got my first check from Google!! Only took 8 months! It came in the mail the day before we were to leave for South Carolina, just in time!!!
Love Charlotte and Matthew