Yes, you saw correctly.  Instead of Matthew getting approved for attendant care services through the EDCD waiver, he was approved for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week nursing care through the EPDST waiver.  Right now he has an RN coming 5 days a week.  This weekend, an LPN is coming to work every other weekend until they can find someone permanent for weekends... HE is also eligible for the attendant care services through the EDCD waiver but I have not found an attendant yet.
Not one, not two but THREE to help make Matthew's life the best that it can be!

It has been wonderful having help with Matthew and seems like a dream that I will be getting even more help this weekend.  Then it was on to the next step.. finding a job so John can quit his and come be with his family.

I've only been really looking for a job for 3 weeks now.  Right now Im working 19 hours a week at Aid & Assist as a personal care attendant and I really love it.  It's just temporary until I find a full time, better paying job.  I have had 2 interviews at a really good job in Abingdon and got a call back to interview with the owner this coming Thursday.. on the day of our anniversary.. so maybe that will be good news.  I had another interview last week with Virginia Highland Community College.. Now that would be a WONDERFUL job with great state benefits, sick leave, retirement.. That's the one I REALLY want.  I may know something about it by tomorrow.. or if I will get called back for a second interview.  Because of the job market, people can afford to be pickier than they used too.. I have not had just one interview YET.. always at least 2.. But God knows which job I am suppose to have.  I am qualified for them all but if I could do the job I do now, full time with benefits,and better pay, I would stay with it but that's not part of the overall plan.. maybe later.

I have the new place all fixed up.. it's a little smaller than what Im used too but it feels like home now.  I have never felt any regrets about moving at all... I love living in the mountains I love the weather.  Matthew and I were able to go, go, go, all summer!  It was never too hot to go anywhere.. except when the a/c went out in my van during the move.. that's another story. 

There have been rough spots all throughout the move but we kept on pushing and pushing and are still pushing ahead!!!
Matthew has a new pediatrician, we have the ceiling lift up in the tiny bathroom, a new hoyer manual lift, he's been to see the neuro surgeon in Charlottesville to get his pump seen too, he gets all his DME needs, like milk, diapers, etc.. He doesn't have his first neuro appt till february and we have ortho and endo appts coming up soon.

Someone asked me what will I do if VA stops home health care... well, I'll just have to go shopping states again... I mean, they (the govt) continues to allow corruption in the handling of medicaid funding, they allow Drug companies, and DME companies charge outrageous prices, so I don't feel guilty one bit running around all over the place getting Matthew what he deserves.  If you are without help for your child medical needs you better get moving.  Before long there's not going to be any help for anyone.. all those taxes they take out of our checks is feeding the big dogs pockets, not ours.  Don't let some lame-O state that doesn't know one thing about how to run their children's insurance program keep your child from getting what he deserves.  And don't stay put in a state that has the highest unemployment rate in the US and rates 51 out of 51 being the WORST in providing for their disabled & handicapped citizens.  That just makes me sick.

Here are a few pics from the whirlwind move.
Matthew at Steeles Creek Park, 1 on MANY
parks very close to our house. 
Even Gizzy has a new friend Marley
that comes to see him every morning.

I get to spend a lot of weekends
with my beautiful Granddaughter Makenna.
She loves her bubby Matthew more
than she loves anybody.

I bought all used furniture
from thrift shops.

All of us gals at Steeles Creek

Even sideways we love eachother

My awesome son. Without his help
I"d probably still be sitting in MS.

My wonderful, awesome, trustworthy,
faithful & loving husband John
with our angel Matthew

My Rock on a rock.

Just one of many beautiful days in Bristol
I hung clothes out to dry.  Matthew was
a big help as you can tell.